I am truly gratEful to share my disCoGraphy with the world. Enjoy.

MY LOVE FOR MUSIC WAS INITIALLY NURTURED BY MY FATHER FROM A YOUNG AGE. He continuously played classical, pop, rock and blues in our household. He was a collector of music, with a vast library of Vinyl records and CDs. My parents were not musicians, however,  they encouraged me to learn music, which i am grateful for. In my youth i was unsure of what instrument i liked best.i was impatient with the process of practice and slow learned progression. I took lessons in Saxophone, violin, and Piano, none of which stuck.

In the early 90’s i began attending Raves, at which time I was exposed to Electronic music. This was when I found a love for Dance. I also began attending Punk Rock shows, with my skateboarding friends. Through my urban adventures in skateboarding,I was introduced to Hip Hop music. That is what really sparked me. I began collecting records myself, and was Dj’ing by age 16. I would play house parties, small events and off nights at local clubs.

In my early 20’s I moved to Vancouver BC and got a job as an intern at THE legendary ‘Green House’ recording studio. I enrolled in an online course in audio engineering and spent a little over 2 years engulfed in that industry before realizing i was ‘on the wrong side of the glass’. I wanted to be an artist, not an engineer. I started producing during that time, and continued to DJ, and attend electronic & urban music events.

2005 was my first year at Burning Man, I was 21. I moved to NYC the following year and began producing more beats. for a while i was laser focused, and in the first few years in Brooklyn, produced some of my best work while peering out my Navy Yard Loft window overlooking BK, the east river and Lower Manhattan. I built out a recording studio in my loft and started recording local hip hop and R&B artists. I also did a lot of remixes and sound design for Narcissister, performing art pieces along with other downtown nightlife acts. I began to tour the US and Europe with the shows we produced. While on residency in Zagreb, Croatia I composed & PRODUCED a remix project combining samples & traditional croatian folk music with electronic beats.

Music has been on the back burner for the past 5-6 years, however i am certain that with my commercial art work career leveling out, I will find new inspiration to produce and DJ.