In 2007, I was scouted on the street in Manhattan. I was 22 years old. I came to New York a year earlier, not knowing where or what I was really doing. Once in New York, I realized I had an opportunity to explore fashion, and to use my good looks as a tool for success. By 2008, I had shot for Vogue Japan with Coco Rosie, CNC, and for an editorial in Another Man at the infamous Chelsea hotel. I was also performing at The Box NYC, for Susan Bartsch Events, and moon lighting as an impromptu go-go dancer at the old Hiro Ballroom.

I love dressing up and actively participating in nightlife. Burning Man taught me about costuming, and New York nightlife was like Burning man every night of the week. I could dress and be as I wished. I have continued to model over the past decade, appearing in various catalogs, and

I enjoy being in front of the camera, I love playing with the camera, with the photographer, with the costum, the fashion, and the environment. My goals as a model are to walk in a major fashion show at least once, if not many times, and to continue to model as i become older, to be a “distinguished” older male model.

I believe that my strengths as a model come from my physical ability and from some of my unusual character traits. I have various tattoos and plan to have more as i get older, i typical always keep my hair long, and i champion my unibrow for its uniqueness. I also love to practice improv and feel comfortable acting in imagined realities.

Physically i am very able, and have trained as an aerial acrobat and gymnast and am comfortable performing with fire. I currently participate in many extreme sports (sailing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross riding, rock climbing, scuba diving etc) and can perform these well in front of the camera. I believe that I am an idea subject for the fashion industry, for stunts, for film and theater and for lifestyle photography. I look forward to many more opportunities in this field.




My father is an artist, my mother is an artist, my sister is an artist, I am… an artist. I have painted and drawn from as long as I can remember. I have built objects with my hands from the day that I was able. My ability to create what i imagine is paramount to my existence and my fulfillment as a human member of the planet. I create, therefore I am. I am a master manifester.

While I am classically untrained I am a student of many disciplines. I constantly refine my ability in each method as i teach and learn to and from my peers. Sketching, painting, carpentry, sculpture, welding, and electronics are all tools within my tool box. I enjoy working fluidly across multiple mediums and methods. I enjoy creating large objects, and objects that don’t necessarily belong or fit on a wall.

My primary focus is in mixed media collage and sculpture, created using leftover or recycled materials from my commercial art business www.arch-nyc.com.  I also collect and empower found objects that inspire something within me, transferring the objects primary intended use to that of something new and beautiful. I like to say that i make ‘Three Dimensional Large Scale Art and Experiences’. Color and form tend to be more important to me as an artist than social commentary or difficulty of creation. I prefer to create many fun, engaging and beautiful things, rather than to create only a few masterpieces.

As the founder and owner for Arch Production & Design i possess a unique ability to create art. I am eternally grateful for this, because i have at my fingertips a giant studio, many tools, and amazing artist and fabricators to help me bring my visions into reality. As this work is created by a team I am inclined to give credit to them for their invaluable contribution to my artistic expression. While some of the work i create is purely of my doing, much of it is brought into existence by the Arch team under my concept, leadership, investment and attention to detail. For this reason some of the Works are Credited to ‘Arch Collective’ while other works are credited to myself.




My love for music was intitail nurtured by my father from a young age. He continuously played clasical, pop, rock and blues in our house hold. He was a collector of music, with a vast library of Vinyl records and CDs. Growing up my parents howerver were not musicans, yet they encouraged me to learn music, which i am greatfull to them for. In my youth i was unsure of what instrument i like the best, or i was impaitent with the process of practice and slow learned progression. I took lessions in Saxaphon, Vilolin, and Piano, non of which stuck.

In the early 90’s i began attending Raves, at which time I was exposed to Electronic music, I found a love for Dancing. I also began attending Punk Rock shows, with my skater crew friends.

Through my urban adventures in skateboarding, somehow or another I was introduced to Hip Hop music. That is what really sparked me. I began collecting records myself, and was Dj’ing by age 16. I would play house parties, small events and off nights at local clubs.

In my early 20’s I moved to Vancouver BC and got a job as an intern at a legendary recording studio ‘Green House Studios’. I enrolled in an online course in audio engineering and spent a little over 2 years engulfed in that industry before realizing i was ‘on the wrong side of the glass’. I wanted to be an artist, not an engineer. I had started producing during that time, and continued to DJ and attend electronic and urban music events.


 Since a young age I have had an unquenchable thirst for adventure, for wanderlust,   for the great outdoors and for the unknown. Growing up in rural Canada I   participated in outdoor bounds programs, spending extended trips in the Canadian   wilderness. My family camped regularly and i would often find myself out exploring   the local woods, lakes and fields for hours on end.

 In my teens I took up snowboarding and skateboarding, spending winter weekends on   the slopes pushing myself to extreme limits and summer weeks visiting the   neighbouring metropolitan areas in search of new street obstacles to skate. I   became a snowboard instructor at age 16, and along with my peers built and opened   the only downtown district skatepark in my hometown.

 At age 13 started sailing on the tall ship St.Lawrence II, and my adventures   continued. We circum navigated Lake Ontario many times, visiting most if not all   cities and towns on its shores. I became an officer onboard the hip and spent 5   years learning and teaching sailing, seamanship and navigation. In 2000 we sailed   from Kingston Ontario to New York City and back. It was my first great adventure!

 At 18 I moved to the Canadian Rockies and continued to pursue snowboarding &   skateboarding. My goal was to become a professional Snowboarder. While in Canmore   I became the program coordinator & lead instructor for the local Recreation   Center’s ‘Summer Skateboard Camp’. I also took up the sport of Rock Climbing. My   rope handling and skills at being aloft on a Sailing Tall ship lent themselves   well  to my climbing career and I progressed swiftly. By the end of my first   season   was leading 5.10+ Sport routes on a regular basis, by my mid twenties I   was lead climbing Trad 5.9+. I now try and climb wherever i am traveling, and if i   cannot climb i will at very least hike to the top of a mountain or sail on the   local waters.

 I am an avid swimmer and enjoy free diving, surfing and water sports. A few years   ago I achieved my PADI open water scuba certification, and have enjoyed scuba   diving ever since. The feeling of being in the underwater environment is like   none-  other. Weightless, quiet serenity and majestesty all combined in a   otherworldly death defying human activity.

 For two years in NYC i worked as a weekend guide for a ‘Outdood Bound’, a   manhattan  based company specializing in tours for adults in the local New York   Area. I would take groups for 5-13 people out on hikes, horseback rides, rock   climbing trips, and camping trips on weekends.

 I love traveling, I also love teaching and guiding others on new journeys. This is   a passion, a thing i would do for free because i love it. Seeing other cultures,   hearing other languages, tasting foreign foods, and finding myself in unknown   circumstances and places makes me feel alive. The experience we gain from   traveling  is like none other, it shapes us in ways we cannot express in words, it   molds us into well rounded people, who see and understand humanity better as a   whole. Traveling is very important to me, and i believe it’s important for all   people to have the experience of other cultures and landscapes.