My father is an artist, my mother is an artist, my sister is an artist, I am… an artist. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. I have built objects with my hands since the first day I was able. My ability to create what I imagine is paramount to my existence and fulfilling my potential as a human member of this planet. I create, therefore I am. I am a master manifester.

While I am classically untrained, I am a student of many disciplines. I constantly refine my ability in each method as I teach and learn to and from my peers. Sketching, painting, carpentry, sculpture, welding, and electronics are all tools within my tool box. I enjoy creating large art objects, and objects that don’t necessarily belong or fit on a wall, working fluidly across multiple mediums & methods.

My primary focus is in mixed media collage and sculpture, using leftover or recycled materials from my commercial art business I also collect and empower found objects that inspire something within me, transferring the objects primary intended use to that of something new and beautiful. I make ‘Three Dimensional Large Scale Art and Experiences’. Color and form are more important to me as an artist, than social commentary or difficulty of creation. I prefer to create many fun, engaging and beautiful things, rather than to create only a few masterpieces.

As the founder and owner for Arch Production & Design, I possess a unique ability to create art. I am eternally grateful for this, because i have a giant studio, many tools, and an amazing team of artists and fabricators as resources to help me bring my visions into reality. As this work is created by a team, I am inclined to give credit to them for their invaluable contribution to my artistic expression. While some of the work I create is purely of my doing, much of it is brought into existence by the Arch team under my concept, leadership, investment and attention to detail. For this reason some of the work is credited to the ‘Arch Collective’ while other works are mine.